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Configuration Options And Macros
[Configuration, Installation And Getting Started]

Collaboration diagram for Configuration Options And Macros:


 --enable-debug (ECC_DEBUG)
 --enable-debug-output (ECC_DEBUGOUTPUT)

Detailed Description

Libecc uses autoconf; configuration is done with the usual configure script.  You can list all options of configure by issuing configure --help .

This section describes the configure options specific to libecc.  The name of the macros that are related to the respective features are given between parenthesis after the option.  You can not define these macros yourself, you may only use them in an #if ... #endif test.  The macros are always defined; when a configure option was used then the macro is defined to 1, otherwise it is defined to 0.  This makes it possible for the compiler to warn you when you made a typo in the name of a macro.


 #include <libecc/config.h>

 // Use '#if' not '#ifdef'.
   assert( i == 1 ); 
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