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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
libecc::assignOperation used with libecc::bitset::shift_op
libecc::bitset< N >A bitset with a fixed number of bits
libecc::bitset_base< N >Base class of libecc::bitset
libecc::bitset_indexA bitset index
libecc::bitset_index_iterator< DIRECTION >A bitset index with increment/decrement methods
libecc::bitset_invertible< N, inverted >A bitset with a fixed number of bits, having possibly an infinite number of leading virtual 1's
libecc::bitset_iterator< N, DIRECTION >A non-mutable bitset-iterator
libecc::exorOperation used with libecc::bitset::shift_op
libecc::leftShift direction used with libecc::bitset::shift_op
libecc::point< Polynomial, a, b >Point (x,y) on elliptic curve x3 + ax2 + b = y2 + xy
libecc::polynomial< m, k, k1, k2 >Polynomial representation of the Galois field F2m
libecc::rightShift direction used with libecc::bitset::shift_op
libecc::rngPseudo Random Number Generator
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